Supplemental curriculum for 3rd-5th grade science units

Using our 30+ years of expertise in combining computer-driven simulations, hands-on activities, and role-playing opportunities, Challenger Center created Classroom Adventures, a suite of digital experiences that drives student collaboration and delivers STEM content in the context of real-world scenarios

Realistic and rich visuals, videos, and interactives are used to take the entire class on an exciting journey to achieve collective goals. Students research, answer questions, and collaborate to find solutions to urgent challenges. Throughout the Adventure, students role-play STEM careers as they work individually, in small groups, and in whole group settings.

Each Adventure is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and state standards.

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 Three-Part Program

Kick-off a science unit with our interactive simulation, then integrate the engineering activity and nonfiction science writing exercise where it fits best in the unit.

Engineering Challenge


Engineering Activity

Engineering Activity

Writing Exercise

Writing Exercise

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Designed by Teachers for Teachers

  • Simple, one-hour online training

  • Software ease of use rated a 4.6 out of 5 (5 = very easy)

  • Ability to set class reading levels

  • Read aloud and closed caption functionality

  • Integrated student assessment

Program Goals

“[Classroom Adventures] did an incredible job hitting every SINGLE aspect of 21st century skills… Every classroom should be like this for science and other subjects. They loved interacting with each other in a way that encouraged their creativity as well as their critical thinking skills.”
-5th Grade Teacher, Albemarle County Public Schools, Virginia

Current Suite of Adventures

The Commander of an undersea lab asks students to determine why Hawaiian monk seals are missing from their usual home in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. As they work to find the answer, a seaquake takes place and damages the undersea lab. The team must work together to quickly repair the lab and ensure the safety of the crew. Only when the crisis is averted can the group can return to their search for the Hawaiian monk seals.

Marine Biologist


A paleontologist in the American Southwest finds two ground sloth bones in a place they don’t belong and calls on students to determine where they came from, how they got there, and where the rest of the bones are located. As they examine a series of scientific bread crumbs the students learn that a nearby geologist is trapped in a flooded cave. They must rescue the geologist and then return to decode their findings.



A park ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains asks students to identify a plant that may not be native to the area. They find that the plant is invasive and begin working to remove it quickly. But when a bridge leading to their supplies is washed out by a storm, the students must use teamwork to access what they need. Only then can they continue their work of eliminating the invasive plant and saving the Great Smoky Mountains.



Classroom Adventures has been piloted with over 3,000 students and 80 teachers. Teachers rated student engagement a 4.8 out of 5 (with 5 being “very engaged”) and students showed statistically significant gains in STEM engagement and self-concept and self-efficacy in science.

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“Challenger Center has inspired more than 5 million students, igniting STEM interest in so many young minds. Today, we’re embarking on the next leg of this exciting journey, bringing the Challenger Center experience to the classroom. I hope you’ll join us.”
-June Scobee Rodgers, Challenger Center Founding Chair