Valerie Fitton-Kane

Vice President of Development and Partnerships

Valerie is responsible for engaging individuals, corporations, and foundations as partners in the Challenger Center’s efforts to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders.

Ms. Fitton-Kane started her career as a consultant in the private sector. Through volunteer experience, Valerie determined that her skills could also be useful in a nonprofit context, and her personal motivation to help address social challenges led her to transition into the nonprofit sector full-time. Valerie managed fundraising innovation projects at Oxfam GB and led fundraising teams at Sabin Vaccine Institute and LIFT.

She has an MBA from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, a certificate in Nonprofit Management from Northeastern University, and a Bachelors of Science in Decision & Information Sciences from University of Florida. Valerie was inspired by the space program as a child and is now watching her own child’s interest in science grow through the study of space. She’s thrilled to help bring STEM to life for other children through Challenger Center’s simulations of space and earth science missions.


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