Laura Husband

Columbia Family Representative – Representing Rick Husband, Michael Anderson, David Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark, William McCool and Ilan Ramon

Laura Husband is the daughter of Colonel Rick D. Husband, who commanded the last Columbia shuttle mission in 2003. Ms. Husband finds great joy in helping others reach for the stars, sometimes literally, and dreams of making a difference.

Ms. Husband grew up in Houston, Texas, with a love for space, cultivated by her dad Colonel Rick D. Husband. Since the loss of her father in 2003, she has relied on God for her joy and purpose more than ever. Ms. Husband graduated from Trinity University with a B.A. in Religion, Minor in Spanish, and an emphasis in Music. She then graduated from the Kanakuk Institute, a Biblical studies grad program. Ms. Husband is classically trained in voice and is experienced in many vocal genres including: Opera, Musical Theater, Jazz, and American Classics. She currently is performing professionally with TEXAS! Musical Drama. Other recent performing endeavors include: Bye Bye Birdie with Broadway’s Kevin Cahoon and Dontee Kiehn and Master Classes/Short Play with Jeannette Clift George. Ms. Husband’s other passions include: dance (especially tap), improv, piano, world travel, public speaking, worship ministry, and photography.