Kathie Klein

Buehler Challenger & Science Center

Kathie Klein is the Center Director for the Buehler Challenger & Science Center in Paramus, New Jersey. Kathie has been with BCSC for 20 years and enjoys her position in the Paramus, NJ CLC; a free standing, dual simulator servicing over 25,000 students yearly, reaching students from pre-school through high school with a diverse curriculum both in scope and content. Prior to coming to Challenger, Kathie taught in the classroom, concentrating in math and science.

Besides working with students and staff, Kathie also heads the professional development portion of her CLC, reinvigorating teachers to inquiry–based learning with emphasis on math, science, technology and the “Challenger Way.” Through the development of a teacher curriculum and teacher manuals, BCSC has engaged teachers in the importance of inquiry–based learning, team building, decision making, simulation and technical content.

Kathie is committed to the excellence of the Challenger model and the importance of Challenger in the future of education. Kathie has been a Co-chair of the Network Council, a member of the CLC Mentor Committee, Standards of Excellence Committee, Training Committee, Conference Committee and is currently on the Sim 3 Comet Development Team. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from William Paterson University and Masters in Science Education Technology from Ramapo College, NJ. She was a member of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astro-Physics Sednet/Aries program as well as the SUNY Brockport-Datastreme program in meteorology. Kathie truly believes she has the best job in the world!


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