June Scobee Rodgers

Challenger Family, Founding Chair

The widow of Challenger Space Shuttle Commander Richard “Dick Scobee,” Ms. Scobee Rodgers has dedicated her time and energy to continuing the crew’s educational mission. She founded Challenger Center for Space Science Education to foster a new generation of “star challengers” – young people who will reach for the stars no matter their circumstances.

While best known for her tireless efforts on behalf of Challenger Center, she has also gained attention for her work as an author. Together with international bestselling authors, Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson, Ms. Scobee Rodgers created the “Star Challengers” science adventure books for young readers.

“Silver Linings ~ My Life before and after the Challenger 7” is the expanded story of her book, “Silver Linings ~ Triumph of the Challenger 7,” first published in 1996. More than the story of the Challenger accident and her youth as a ragged teenager who struggles to overcome adversity, the book is a coming of age story that deals with issues like personal triumph and dreams to soar above it. The story is all presented with highlights of space exploration.

Ms. Scobee Rodgers has been nationally recognized and honored with countless awards during her professional career, including the National Eagle Award, the Women’s International Center’s Living Legacy Award, the Spirit of Volunteerism, the National Space Club Educator Award, and in 2000, the National Award for Excellence in Leadership. In 2015, Ms. Scobee Rodgers received the distinguished Alan Shepard Technology in Education Award.

An active and prominent leader in education throughout her professional life, Ms. Scobee Rodgers has been a classroom teacher and university professor served as a consultant to local, state and federal education agencies, and become a nationally recognized advocate for the advancement of science and math education. She is married to retired Lt. Gen Don Rodgers, and together they have three adult children.

For media requests, to schedule Ms. Scobee Rodgers to speak at an event, or to learn more about Ms. Scobee Rodgers, please visit www.junescobeerodgers.com.