Carol Vorderman

Group Captain, MBE

Carol Vorderman has been a network television presenter for over thirty years, starting in 1982 on quiz shows performing lightning fast mental arithmetic and math/technology/science host for BBC and Channel 4, before she moved onto other entertainment opportunities.

Ms. Vorderman is the best-selling mathematics/science education author of all time in the UK, specializing in ages 3-12 and holds Honorary Doctorates from several British universities. She served as Chair of the Advisory Task Force for the report “A World Class Mathematics Education for All Our Young People,” an influential paper which has changed a number of policies.

An Engineering graduate from Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge in 1981, Ms. Vorderman wanted to become a pilot, however, the RAF did not accept women in that role until more than a decade later. In 2013, she fulfilled a lifelong ambition by learning to fly. In 2020, she plans to become the fourth woman ever to fly solo around the world.

In 2014 she was named Honorary Group Captain in the RAF, becoming the first woman to be honored in this way (non-royalty) as Ambassador to the Air Cadets (age 12-20, 50,000 young people).

Ms. Vorderman is an influential advocate of STEM for Women Into Science and Engineering. She established a growing online math school,, which she sold to Pearson PLC in 2013.  Additionally, Ms. Vorderman worked for Prime Minister David Cameron chairing an influential education report “A World Class Mathematics Education for All Our Young People.”

In 2018, Ms. Vorderman became the official Ambassador for the All Party Parliamentary Group of General Aviation within the UK House of Parliament.