Bill Seilnacht

Senior Director, Network Support

Bill Seilnacht leads all technical support for Challenger Learning Center locations around the globe, including overseeing all upgrades and renovations of existing Centers, developing installation, renovation and upgrades schedules, planning and overseeing the build of new Centers and troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Mr. Seilnacht continually analyzes the technology of Centers in order to identify improvements and to plan for future changes. In addition, Mr. Seilnacht is involved in new program development, specifically overseeing fabricated labs and activities in Challenger Center missions. He is also responsible for IT infrastructure strategy, procurement selection and execution within Challenger Center Headquarters.

Mr. Seilnacht previously worked in IT support for several Fortune 500 companies on Wall Street. Mr. Seilnacht holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art history, Studio Art and a Master of Arts degree in Electronic Media