Written by June Scobee Rodgers, founder of Challenger Center, and New York Times bestselling authors Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson, this action-packed science fiction trilogy is about a group of young people using a Challenger Learning Center as a springboard for adventure-filled journeys into the future. Throughout the series the students travel to a moon base, an international space station and undertake an asteroid mission. Real science is woven throughout the action in each book, so readers will learn basics of space science as they get caught up in the action.

Moonbase Crisis

After experiencing an exhilarating space simulation as part of their field trip at the local Challenger Center, a group of students are hand-picked by the mysterious Commander Zota for a special adventure: to travel to the future and help a moonbase in trouble. There, they will learn the skills to save the human race!

Moonbase Crisis Teacher Guide (PDF)

This Teacher’s Guide is intended to give educators a multidisciplinary tool to incorporate a variety of learning strategies into an exciting literary tale designed to excite and motivate children.

Space Station Crisis

Now that JJ Wren, her brother Dylan, and friends King and Song-Ye have seen Earth’s dark future – an invasion by the hideous alien race, the Kylarn – they know that it is up to them to prepare the human race. At the local Challenger Learning Center, the mysterious Commander Zota sends JJ and her friends off on another mission, this time to the International Space Station Complex, where they meet old friends, as well as survivors from the disaster at Moonbase Magellan. Aboard the space station they encounter a mysterious girl, Mira, who claims to be another Star Challenger from the past, with her own mentor, just like Commander Zota. Together, they must discover and stop the alien invaders’ plan. However, the Kylarn have set their sights on conquering, or at least destroying the space station, so that Earth has no protection at all!

Asteroid Crisis

It was just supposed to be an educational field trip to the Challenger Learning Center, but JJ Wren and her friends find themselves transported into the future, to a time when the human race is being besieged by deadly alien invaders. The evil Kylarns have shifted the orbits of three asteroids, sending them on a collision course with Earth! Using skills learned from the mysterious Commander Zota, JJ and her fellow Star Challengers embark on a mission to deflect the deadly asteroids before it’s too late. However the alien invaders aren’t the group’s only enemy; the Star Challengers also have to worry about human traitors.