As Giving Tuesday approaches, we’re highlighting the importance of giving. Contributions to nonprofits have meaningful impacts on people’s lives. That’s why at Challenger Center, we are grateful for the donors who have helped us inspire generations of innovators – Thank you.

Support a Cause you Believe – We can’t do it alone. When you give to a cause that you believe in, you are supporting that organization’s work or research. Organizations depend on your contributions to continue their mission and be successful. According to Nonprofit Source, the largest source of charitable giving comes from individual giving. If you haven’t done so, find an organization that matches your values and consider supporting their mission.

The Feeling of Satisfaction – Knowing you are helping others and making an impact in the world is a great mood-booster. Medical research proves that donating increases the activity in the brain that is associate with pleasure. According to Charities Aid Foundation, when asked what motivates donors to give regularly, 42% agreed the enjoyment they receive from giving as a key influence.

Tax Deduction – When you donate to an IRS-approved charitable organization, you may be entitled to a contribution deduction against your income taxes. A big contribution could help you save on your taxes. Our donors receive an email receipt that reflects the amount of the donation that is tax-deductible. You can request this information at any time.

Encourage Others to Donate – Giving encourages a culture of giving and strengthens communities. You can motivate your family, friends, or even your community to donate to a worthy cause. With your support, and the support of others alike, we can make great strides toward our mission.

Invest in the Future – When you donate to an organization, you’re passionate about, you are not only helping to solve a problem, but you are also investing in a brighter future. Challenger Center donors know that their contribution today can make a difference in years to come. They are equipping today’s students with various skills and knowledge that will better our economy, workforce, and world.

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