STEM summer camps make summer learning fun and exciting. Designed to teach kids about science, technology, engineering, and math, camps give children an opportunity to continue their education and explore different STEM concepts they may not learn about in their classrooms. In just one summer, kids discover not only their passion for learning but perhaps even their future career path.

Knowing the importance of STEM, we’ve highlighted how STEM summer camps benefit today’s students.

Learn Basic STEM Skills

Instead of forgetting the STEM concepts they’ve learned at school, kids have the opportunity to practice those concepts and apply them in hands-on activities and real-life scenarios. Campers at the Scobee Cosmic Kids Camp at our Scobee Education Center at San Antonio College, TX, play roles of engineers as they problem solve and learn about forces and motion by building simple machines using LEGO robotics.  As kids take on these roles, they learn about STEM skills, like coding, but they also develop important 21st-century skills.

Improve on 21st Century Skills

It’s important for children to start developing 21st-century skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving – these skills will help them in their future careers and lives. The Aerospace Adventure Camps at Challenger Learning Center of Colorado in Colorado Springs uses LEGOs, Spheros, and robots to teach campers about space exploration and programming. During these activities, kids work together using their imagination and communication skills to solve multiple challenges. As they enhance their skills, they also learn about future careers.

Explore Different Careers

STEM summer camps introduce campers to different careers and help them take the first step toward their future. Campers at the Astronaut Training Camps at Challenger Learning Center – St. Louis, MO, role play what it’s like to be a real astronaut by building rockets, constructing and living in a lunar colony, and participating in a simulated space mission. Learning and role-playing STEM careers at camp will help students answer the ultimate question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”


Find Inspiration

In a STEM summer camp, kids are challenged and taken out of their confront zone by exploring new STEM concepts. By spending their summer surrounded by unfamiliarity, students will build and feel more confident and find a new passion for STEM-related subjects. Students will become inspired for the future and excited to continue learning.


For a complete list of our Challenger Learning Center summer camps, click here. Programs, dates, and costs vary from Center to Center, but all offer activities to keep students learning during the summer months. For additional information about a specific camp program listed, please contact that specific Challenger Learning Center.