Nearly 50 years ago, astronauts, scientists, and engineers had one vision: to send a man to the moon. A vision and a goal that not only brought people together, but also inspired a whole new generation to dream and to reach for the stars. Next summer, the world will celebrate this exciting time in history, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. To kick off the celebration, we want to bring your creativity to life.

We teamed up with Princess Awesome, a company created by moms who make clothes for kids that honor and reflect their wide range of interests, and Spoonflower, a team of designers who create unique fabric and patterns, to create a moon landing design challenge. To enter, use your imagination and originality to create a unique, moon-inspired design. One out-of-this-world design will be chosen to become a fabric for a Princess Awesome dress that is sure to inspire a new generation of explorers.

Children can submit their creation with the help of a parent or adult 18 or older. Design submissions are due on January 15, so hurry and start creating!

For more information on contest rules, deadlines, and details, please visit: