GlobalFoundries, miSci partner to provide STEM education


GlobalFoundries has partnered with miSci to provide STEM education to underserved communities in the Capital Region. Through a $10,000 grant, GlobalFoundries will enable 300 middle school-aged students from five regional Boys and Girls Clubs to experience the immersive science programs and interactive galleries at miSci during school break in February 2017. The students will participate [...]

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Students solve astronomical problems


Program poses lunar scenario for 6th-, 7th-, 8th-grade participants It’s the year 2035. America has bases on the moon. Now, officials at ground zero have received reports that a comet is headed toward America’s moon bases. Will it hit the moon? Will the astronauts there be saved? This was the scenario for North Platte Public [...]

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The race to space reaches Normal


If you've got an out-of-this-world question for a NASA astronaut, here's your big chance. Richard L. "Hoot" Gibson, retired astronaut and Space Shuttle commander, will touch down to answer queries in a suitably high-tech sort of way: via Skype hook-up at Heartland Community College's Challenger Learning Center in Normal. It'll help if you're a junior [...]

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Science Results of the 2015 National Assessment of Education Progress Released


The Nation's Report Card: 2015 Science shows scores have improved overall, and higher percentages of the nation's fourth- and eighth-grade students demonstrated mastery of science on the 2015 assessment compared with the 2009 assessment. In addition, data collected by student and teacher questionnaires about educational experiences illustrates that emphasizing science in and outside of the classroom, including [...]

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