Remembering President Bush News

Statement by the families of Challenger STS 51-L on the Passing of President George H.W. Bush.

Meet Jenna! Alumni

Jenna has always been interested in STEM because she likes problem-solving and working together with others to figure out a solution.

Tweets @ChallengerCtr

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Challenger Center  @ChallengerCtr
Today’s students will be the ones who set foot on #Mars. Get them prepared for their journey by taking them through… https://t.co/O7DJIv8Zfi 
Challenger Center  @ChallengerCtr
@Mharold15 Thanks for sharing! they look great 🌈 
Challenger Center  @ChallengerCtr
The next generation needs to think critically so they can become the innovators and leaders who can solve tomorrow’… https://t.co/CRLKsYu5HW 
Challenger Center  @ChallengerCtr
Check out how this teacher is using #STEM to cultivate project-based learning through collaborative exploration and… https://t.co/zoKTxYyrZ9 

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Christa's Lost Lessons Brought to Life News

Astronaut Ricky Arnold announced the completion of the first Lost Lesson during a downlink wtih Challenger Center educators.

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More than 4.4 million students have completed missions to space at Challenger Learning Centers around the world. We rely on the donations of individuals and companies to keep going. You can help Challenger Center create exhilarating STEM education experiences that prepare students for the future in several ways: with a direct donation, making a gift in tribute or memorial of a loved one, establishing a bequest, or through your own fundraising efforts. Learn about all the ways that you can help Challenger Center to reach the next million students.

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