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Announcement made live from Space Station News

Challenger Center announced that several of the lessons Christa McAuliffe planned to perform during the Teacher in Space mission will be completed aboard the International Space Station this year.

Meet Tess Alumni

Tess remembers the way her first Challenger Learning Center mission built her classmates into a team.

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Today, we remember Challenger astronaut Ellison Onizuka on his birthday. To learn more about Ellison, click here:… https://t.co/zt4vztDn9g 
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Happy #SummerSolstice! Did you know, the name Summer Solstice comes from the sun appearing to stand still?… https://t.co/muGUmSVFaI 
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@MIT students and @CLCKY taught students about the science of photography, computer science, robotics, and more!… https://t.co/4QZqHubrSg 
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Want to build library makerspaces? Check out these makerspaces ideas! https://t.co/NJgDnOlDQH https://t.co/A3Jniqioos 

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Challenger Center Receives Honor News

The National Science Board honored Challenger Center with its 2017 Public Service Award. This esteemed award honors exemplary public service in promoting public understanding of science and engineering. .

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More than 4.4 million students have completed missions to space at Challenger Learning Centers around the world. We rely on the donations of individuals and companies to keep going. You can help Challenger Center create exhilarating STEM education experiences that prepare students for the future in several ways: with a direct donation, making a gift in tribute or memorial of a loved one, establishing a bequest, or through your own fundraising efforts. Learn about all the ways that you can help Challenger Center to reach the next million students.

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