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As Giving Tuesday approaches, we’re highlighting the importance of giving. Contributions to nonprofits have meaningful impacts on people’s lives. That’s why at Challenger Center, we are grateful for the donors who have helped us inspire generations of innovators.

Meet Sarah! Alumni

Sarah recalls the excitement of being on a space mission and how cool it was to work on grown-up tasks with her friends during a visit to a Challenger Learning Center!

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We want students to understand everything about our amazing planet Earth! Download our new "Our Blue Marble" lesson…
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Can't wait to see the postcards back in the hands of the future explorers!

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Christa's Lost Lessons Brought to Life News

Astronaut Ricky Arnold announced the completion of the first Lost Lesson during a downlink wtih Challenger Center educators.

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More than 4.4 million students have completed missions to space at Challenger Learning Centers around the world. We rely on the donations of individuals and companies to keep going. You can help Challenger Center create exhilarating STEM education experiences that prepare students for the future in several ways: with a direct donation, making a gift in tribute or memorial of a loved one, establishing a bequest, or through your own fundraising efforts. Learn about all the ways that you can help Challenger Center to reach the next million students.

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