Science Challenges

Climate Change Education

Engage your students in our various space science, Earth science, and engineering design challenges. Share your predictions, videos, and designs.

Participating educators have created five units for classroom teachers (grades 6-9) –  California Climate, Frozen Arctic, Hurricanes, Mount Pinatubo, and Rainforest in Crisis. The online interactive, CCEarth4U, may be used alone or to accompany any of the five classroom units and lessons. Each unit has four lessons and presents a climate-focused event as seen through the lens of four of Earth’s interconnected spheres: Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere and Atmosphere. Students can work in teams to complete the activities for each sphere, or complete any or all of the four as a class.

Challenger Center’s Global Climate Change Education project is funded by NASA (Innovations in Global Climate Change). Challenger Center is providing Earth Science professional development opportunities for Challenger Learning Center educators in partnership with The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies‘ and their Earth Science System Education Alliance on-line professional development program. We are also partnering with the American Museum of Natural History and their Seminars on Science on-line distance learning program.