National Challenger STEM Innovation Center

Challenger Center pioneered STEM education more than 27 years ago and continues to be a leader in STEM today. The National Challenger STEM Innovation Center will become a national flagship facility for STEM education that will benefit the entire nation, serving DC students and teachers, surrounding communities and visitors to the Washington DC area.

The center will include the next generation Challenger Learning Center simulator which will provide students and teachers the opportunity to be a part of exciting space mission taking place in a realistic Mission Control Room and Orbiting Space Station. Each Challenger Center mission is designed with the student and educator in mind, utilizing computer technology, real science data, hands-on activities and STEM related content aligned with today’s educational standards. This Center will serve as an environment to support workforce development and function as a model for the 40 plus Challenger Learning Centers around the globe.

In addition to the next generation Challenger Learning Center the National Challenger STEM Center will house a state-of-the-art STEM-focused research and development laboratory, a professional development facility for educators, and the offices of the National Challenger Center.

The National Challenger STEM Center will provide:

  • The nation with a much needed STEM research, development, and teacher training facility to advance student achievement and career development.
  • D.C. metro region students with high-quality simulation-based educational programs aligned with local and national learning standards.
  • Community-based programing, teacher and student mentorship, tutorials and after-school sessions, summer camps, family science nights and educator professional development.
  • A facility to showcase the accomplishments of Challenger Center to national and international government officials and other dignitaries.

To ensure the plan for a National Center is achieved, Challenger Center is raising the balance of the funds from corporations and individuals. To assist in making the National Challenger STEM Innovation Center a reality, please contact us at 202-827-1580 or