Open a Center

Under guidance from Challenger Center, each community is solely responsible for fundraising, planning, and development. The process occurs in three stages:

Stage One: Exploration

After learning more about Challenger Center and its Learning Center programs, an organization or community forms a planning committee and completes a feasibility study. This series of questions addresses how a Challenger Learning Center will impact the proposed community.

Stage Two: Application

Upon the approval of a community’s feasibility study, the planning committee then forms individual committees on Education/Technology, Marketing/Public Relations, Finance/Fundraising and Operations. The various committee members must then work together to complete an application that is reviewed by the Challenger Center board of directors.

Stage Three: Development

Upon board approval of the application, committee members begin fundraising. They also begin integrating the future Learning Center into the education fabric of the community through outreach and public relations strategies. This period is also marked by construction of the actual Learning Center, including the fabrication and installation of the simulator.

For more information on opening a Challenger Learning Center, please contact Challenger Center headquarters at 800-969-5747 or 202-827-1580.